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Satisfied Client

Mark did an excellent job representing myself as Trustee of my brother's estate. Upon my brother's untimely passing, I found myself named as Trustee. Unfortunately there were beneficiary changes made by his spouse just prior to his death while he was gravely ill. These beneficiary changes removed most of the assets from the Trust. As Trustee I needed to pursue getting these assets back into the Trust as my brother had originally intended.

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Full of Integrity

My father passed and his wife and I were the executor/trustee's. Unfortunately his wishes were not what my siblings were expecting and 2 out 3 siblings sued us. I found representation and was forthright with all that was asked of me. I did not press anything but as time passed I began to have questions. Mark being a partner was asked to assist in answering my questions. I immediately felt a connection and trustful rapport... Read More

An Honest Attorney

Mark has helped me for over a year on a Trust/Litigation case. During the whole time, Mark kept me well informed which really helped me get through this case. He was always available when I had questions. This case was dealing with a family member. Mark showed me compassion and was honest with me the whole time.

We were able to settle this case to my satisfaction.

I highly recommend Mark.

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A Superhero, that's what my young son calls Mark. He fights for people whom are unable to fight for themselves. I was in a civil AND probate case. We were against 3 people, 4 lawyers and in two different courts. This case was extremely difficult, because the defendants fought every single thing. Their attorneys used every dirty trick in the book. They tried to break me, financially. It took two years, with Mark out maneuvering... Read More


Mark Will Represent Me Forever

Outstanding and very personable. It was a family issue of taking care of my mom and protecting her well being but also her assets. Mark was not only professional but really cared about our well being in general. Mark wasn't in it for the money, he was in it to win it and we did prevail. We were very fortunate to have Mark on our team. He stood by our side and kept me calm... Read More
Patrick Drohan

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