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A Superhero, that’s what my young son calls Mark. He fights for people whom are unable to fight for themselves. I was in a civil AND probate case. We were against 3 people, 4 lawyers and in two different courts. This case was extremely difficult, because the defendants fought every single thing. Their attorneys used every dirty trick in the book. They tried to break me, financially. It took two years, with Mark out maneuvering them at every turn they threw at us. I thought it would be easy because I had the truth on my side, But the other defendants and lawyers lied about me and tried to make the case about me rather than the law. Mark crushed them. He kept the focus on the their wrong doing. He knew the law inside out and even corrected the judge on a few matters. The day of court the other side quit and settled for a little over a million dollars. I had never been in court before but it became apparent how different attorneys can be. Our opposition was older, slower and lazy. They used old court tricks that were meant to cost us time and money but Mark minimized the damage. If you are looking for an attorney, meet with Mark. It won’t cost anything for a consultation. You can judge for yourself. I wanted a hard working, quick witted, sharp attorney and I found that in Mark. He is intimidated by no one, not judges or any other lawyers. He knows the law better then any one I witnessed in my two years of litigation. When I explained what was going on in court to my young son, he said “Our guy is like a superhero”. That’s what a good attorney is, a hero.


noun | \'paŭ(-ə)r\ | [pow-er]

Legal ability, capacity, or authority.


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