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Mark Is Extremely Passionate About His Work!

Provided by Karen of GLP LLC on

This was the first time I had ever been involved in a litigation and to make matters worse, it involved my parent’s trust. I am the Trustee and one of my siblings filed objections to the accountings that were improper and made false allegations against me and my family. I had no idea what to expect, what to do and emotions were high. Mark took my case and did everything to make sure that I understood the situation, that he had a plan and that I didn’t need to be worried or scared. He kept me informed at all times and was responsive to my concerns and questions. I always felt that Mark had my best interest at heart. He assured me that he was there to reduce my stress by handling all of the legal issues and that he had my back.

Now that I have been through the probate court, it is not enough to have an attorney. It is important to have an attorney you trust, one who can handle the legal surprises and one who can keep a level head. Because of Mark’s experience, knowledge and tenacity, the objections were dismissed with prejudice and the accountings approved with prejudice. However, Mark continued to fight for me and filed a motion for attorney fees and the trust was awarded attorney fees to be returned. This was a huge win for my parents and for me.

I would highly recommend Mark Perryman. He is an experienced probate attorney who will fight for you.


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