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Full of Integrity

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My father passed and his wife and I were the executor/trustee’s. Unfortunately his wishes were not what my siblings were expecting and 2 out 3 siblings sued us. I found representation and was forthright with all that was asked of me. I did not press anything but as time passed I began to have questions. Mark being a partner was asked to assist in answering my questions. I immediately felt a connection and trustful rapport with him. To my surprise he had called a week later informing me he was starting his own firm and asked to take my case with him. I told him I have to see with the other partners if that was the case and if it was ok. The partner stated it was the case and they were allowing him to take some cases, mine being one of them. That partner was shocked I asked stating “no one has ever asked and that shows integrity”. I did not want to be involved in any misconduct. Mark told me it’s not about the money but that he missed being hands on and helping the client win. As a partner of a large law firm, I’m sure he took a significant drop in pay being a partner and all the risk to help others. That right there shows it’s not about the money. Mark has a passion to help and drive to fight for what is right. Mark is full of integrity and that is hard to come by especially in a day and age where it is all about money. The prior law firm kept giving my case to different lawyers who of course got paid to re-review the case costing extra money as the inheritance dwindled. Prior law firm spent $5,000/month plus which added up to over $90,000 in one year with very little movement just monthly bills. Mark took the case to victory and for just under $40,000, which included 2 depositions, mediation, and court mediation in the same amount of time. I was willing to go to trial to defend my father’s wishes but it didn’t have to come to that. So do the math, Mark is fair and reasonable when it comes to cost, while the other firm was milking the case. The time and cost could have virtually been cut in half had I solely been with Mark. I’m grateful for the other law firm because it lead me to Mark! I will always have him as a resource I can trust and refer! Mark did offer to go after attorney fee’s of which I am very confident we would have won but I preferred to show mercy to my siblings, just as my Father in heaven shows mercy to me. This was my siblings law suit, I was blessed to have found just the right lawyer that is honest, fair, hardworking, knowledgeable, reliable, competent, and more then you could ask or want from a lawyer! Thank you Mark for all your help, I am grateful. My prayers are that the Lord bless you, your family and your firm as you continue to help others during their time of loss.


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The quality or state of being strong, capacity for exertion or endurance.


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