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noun | /'streŋ(k)th, 'stren(t)th/ | [strength]

The quality or state of being strong, capacity for exertion or endurance.

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Will & Trust Contests

Equal Justice Under Law

If a Will or Trust accurately reflects a person’s true intentions, leave it alone.

But, what if you suspect the Will or Trust reflects someone else’s intentions? You have to make a decision to fight. This decision is not always easy because of the emotions and finances involved. Consider this example: While you are grieving the loss of your…Continue reading

Beneficiary Abuse

Cash with Padlock

Are you a beneficiary of a will or trust and not receiving your inheritance? If you are not aware, California law imposes strict fiduciary obligations on trustees and executors. As a fiduciary, trustees and executors are held to the highest standard of care in all of their actions.

If you are a beneficiary, the acting trustee or executor is legally obligated to act in your best interest, despite their personal feelings. Yet, some fiduciaries violate their duties because of their personal beliefs or ignorance of their legal obligations. Often, the trustee or executor…Continue reading

Elder Abuse

Concerned Elderly Man Deep in Thought

Our elders need protection from the predators who exploit their vulnerabilities for financial gain. Financial Elder Abuse occurs when a predator receives money or property through fraud or undue influence over an elder.

An elder is anyone 65 years or older, or a dependent adult. These elders are protected under California law. A predator can be any person or any entity. Usually—and despicably—the predator is a family member or close friend, who knows the elder is vulnerable and…Continue reading

Trust Accountings

Cash and Gavel

A California fiduciary, whether acting as trustee, executor/administrator, or conservator, is required to account to the beneficiaries. Consequently, a fiduciary is vulnerable to beneficiary attacks if they fail to properly account.

If you are a Trustee, an accounting can be a shield you use to fulfill your legal obligations by sufficiently informing the beneficiaries about the trust and about your actions. Also, an accounting can be a sword, where the Trustee files the accounting with the…Continue reading